Our Work

Here you will find a collection of our recent projects, showing handled, J profile and true handleless kitchens, plus some that combine. Many of these kitchens can be viewed for display by appointment and have been photographed to show only our own work, rather than photos taken from brochures.

We are proud of what we do and are confident in the close-up detail and quality you will see here.
For further information on any of the kitchens you see here, or if there is a different style you'd like to see, please don't hesitate to contact us.

White Grey Shaker Wood Kitchen Oxfordshire 980.jpg

Contemporary Kitchens

The essence of any home is the kitchen. A modern kitchen can be distinguished by its minimalistic aesthetic, structured with clean lines and sharp tailoring which radiates vibrancy and high-fashion. 

Taking the best European components, the best of European contemporary design and then add all that the British household demands and that is where Utopia Kitchens’ designs truly excel in both ergonomics, tangible quality and beauty.

Peter & Gillian

True Handleless Perfect Gloss

David & Elaine

J Profile

Rivers Developments

J Profile & Handleless combination

Steve & Debbie

A distinctive handleless design

Ben & Caroline

True Handleless Perfect Gloss

Chevallier Developments


Virge & David

True Handleless in perfect matt

SPO Construction

J Profile & Urban Edge

The best of matt and gloss in
beautiful MFC

Lee & Sam



For those looking for the arguably the highest gloss finish in the kitchen industry, Zurich Perfect Gloss is the ultimate choice as seen here in one of our kitchens photographed recently.

Classic Kitchens

The classic kitchen is comfortable in any interior style and can be designed with simplicity and modernity, or with enhanced traditional detail.

Smooth Shaker, Hilton and Stafford doors. Our kitchens can be designed with your own individual style. Choose the style and amount of wood-grain and then of course the colour which comes from our own book called ‘any’!

All aspects of your kitchen can be individually tailored to suit you, your lifestyle and your home.

Iain & Claire

Contemporary painted shaker

Steve & Karen

Painted Hilton Shaker

Chris & Tara

2 colour in-frame shaker

Melanie & Andrew

2 colour In-Frame Shaker

Chevallier Developments

2 colour in-frame shaker

Matt & Rachel

2 colour In-Frame Shaker

Sarah & Jim

Blue Hilton Shaker

Elizabeth & Peter

In-frame Shaker