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Designing beautiful bespoke kitchens since 1995 - From conception to project completion, the Kitchen of your dreams will be realised at remarkably competitive prices


The art of producing a truly great kitchen design is complex - The assurance of the highest quality material and workmanship is essential, and an understanding of the customers needs and aspirations form a vital part of the design process.

Utopia design your new kitchen to meet or exceed all your expectations whilst ensuring prices offer exceptional value.

Concept design comes from within, whilst the finished layout is replicated in 3D coloured imagery using latest technology design software allowing the customer to take a tour of the new kitchen.

Your satisfaction is our reputation - Call today to arrange your free no-obligation design consultation



The essential benefits of 'Design'...

  • Design is an applied art - it is applied to actual use.
  • Design's main goal is to improve the human condition.
  • Design methods bridge the gap between expression and production with thought